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Other Services

We also provide other services, should you be interested, please call us on 07943 280847 or visit us in church and will will be happy to discuss with you.


Spiritualist National Union Ministers and Officiants are fully trained to carry out marriage ceremonies, which includes the necessary legally binding vows. In most S.N.U Churches a Registrar would be needed to witness and record the vows, although some Churches have an “Authorized Person” who records the marriage in the same way as a Registrar. Remember that when vows are exchanged in the Spiritualist service, those in spirit are also invited as witnesses. Special people in the spirit world who cannot be there in body can certainly be there in spiritual form, bringing the love which continues to flow from them. If you are not a Spiritualist, you need to consider if this service is suitable for you, as it treats those present as accepting the Seven Principles and having an understanding of Spiritualism.



SNU Ministers and Officiants are trained to a very high standard; therefore they are very capable of assisting in the planning and officiating of funeral services.It may be that you are thinking about how you would like your own funeral to be conducted or because you may need to make arrangements for someone else at this time.



Naming Services for children and adults are special occasions and are meaningful to the person being named, as well as their family and friends. The Naming Service is often conducted in a Church but can take place at other appropriate locations such as hospitals or at home.

Flowers are used in a Spiritualist Naming Service to indicate the pure and natural aspects of our existence.

 We recognise that which we call God, created everyone and everything with love enabling us to learn and grow spiritually.

For both a child and an adult, a naming service is a celebration and acknowledgement of being part of the greater family of humankind, of the love engendered in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

In the Naming Service it is customary to give a Spirit name that has been  provided by those in the Spirit world, which will encourage and inspire the person when the need arises. All present at the Naming Service are asked to be Spiritual sponsors for the person being named.

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