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Spiritualist Healing

Spiritualist Healing works on the spiritual aspects of the patient, it differs from the conventional approach of treating the symptoms by going straight to the root cause of the problem, the Spiritualist Healing will always go to where it is needed and being holistic, will work at whatever level it is required,  whether at a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, the Healing Medium is merely a channel for the flow of healing energy.  

Spiritualist Healing Explained

Healing takes place at the church every Monday at 7:00pm until 8:15pm

Spiritualist Healing takes approximately 15 minutes and freewill donations are accepted afterwards.

All of our Spiritualist Healing Mediums are S.N.U trained to a high standard and hold certificates.

We also have a number of trainee Healing Mediums under the supervision of the Healing Mediums.

Our healers carry out hands on healing with the permission of the patient.

Spiritualist Healing involves the channelling of healing energies from the world of spirit, through a Spiritualist Healing Mediums to the patient and can bring harmony to the mind, body, spirit and emotions of the recipient.    

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